Fuzzy Wuzzy Baby Blankie

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a … Blankie!
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This faux fur striped blanket it giving me all the snuggly feels. Fuzzy wuzzy was a baby blankie.

Anyone else obsessed with faux fur yarn?  I may be a little behind the trend, but I finally got my hands on a few skeins of the fuzzy stuff and had to create something snuggly. The best part (as if there could be something better than the furry yarn) is that this blanket is easy-peasy!  A perfect blanket for the beginner crocheter, or if you are looking for a quick project.  I finished each color change in about an hour, so this blanket took me roughly 7 hours to complete, including the border, and only had a handful of ends to tie off! Fuzzy Wuzzy is a keeper!

This textured baby blankie may only take a few hours to whip up, but sure does make a snuggly statement

This is a free pattern, but please do not share this pattern as your own.  You may make items to sell with this pattern.  In exchange, please link back to this post.  Do not use my photos as your own sales photos.  Please tag CoffeeandCrochetGoals to share your projects.

SIZE: This blanket is made with a simple Vstitch and can be made into any size just make sure your starting chain is a multiple of 3 + 5.  The blanket shown in this tutorial measures 30in x 36in


  • Size J (6mm) crochet hook
  • Red Heart Yarn: Black (1 skein)
  • Red Heart Yarn: Charcoal (1 skein)
  • Yarn Bee Snuggle Up: Silver Fox Faux Fur (1 skein)
  • Yarn Bee Snuggle Up: Silver Faux Fur (1 skein)
  • Red Heart Yarn: White (1 skein)
  • Red Heart Yarn: Petal Pink (1skein) – this color can be replaced by any color in the rainbow and be gorgeous!  I may just have to whip up one with yellow for myself.
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry Needle


  • CH – chain
  • DC – double crochet
  • SC – single crochet
  • SK – skip stitch
  • Vstitch – 1DC, CH1, 1DC into the same stitch

Look at the texture of this faux fur baby blankie, it is giving me all the fuzzy wuzzies!

Lets talk about that Vstitch.  It is called a Vstitch because, well, it looks like a V.  There are many different versions of this stitch out there, but for this blanket I kept it simple.  This is a very basic stitch made from 1DC, CH1, 1DC in the same stitch and they will continue to stack one on top of another.

I started my blanket with the black and worked my way through the Ombre to the white and then added a pop of color (shown in pink).  To start you will a chain in multiples of 3 + 5.  For this baby blanket I started with a CH of 99+5.

Foundation Row: 1DC in the 4th chain from the hook, counts as first DC and SK ST.  CH1 and 1DC into the same stitch.  *SK2 stitches. 1DC, CH1, 1DC in the next stitch.  Continue in this repeat down the starting CH, ending with a SK2 and only 1DC in the last stitch.

Row 2-60: CH3 and turn your work.  You will place your first Vstitch into the V you created in the previous row.  Make sure you are placing your stitch in the V and not the upside down V.  At the very end of the row make sure you place 1DC into the top of the turning CH of the previous row to keep your edges straight.

Who doesn't love a v stitch, especially a fuzzy wuzzy one


For this blanket I changed colors every ten rows and used 6 colors, so that makes a total of 60 rows.  This stitch works up so fast, each block of color took me about an hour to complete.  The faux fur rows were a little slower than the “normal” 4ply.  You will want to use your fingers to feel where to place your Vstitch and you can also look at the rows below to line up your V’s since they stack up on each other.  This really is a perfect stitch to use with this yarn because you are given a big whole to place the next stitch.

I'm in love with this faux fur baby blankie, it gives me all the fuzzy wuzzies


I wanted to carry the bright color throughout this monotone blanket, so for this border I used the pink again.  For the first row you will CH1 and make 1SC all around the blanket.  You will have 2SC on the side of every Vstitch and along the top and bottom of the blanket you will have 3SC for every Vstitch.  In each corner make sure to place 1SC, CH2, 1SC.

Row 2 and 3:  I used the moss stitch to complete this border.  CH2, counts as first SC and CH1.  SK1, and 1SC into the next stitch.  *CH1, SK1, and 1SC into the following stitch.  Continue all around the blanket.  In each corner remember to place 1SC, CH1 and 1SC.

I love this faux fur baby blankie, it is giving me all the fuzzy wuzzies!
How amazing is that faux fur yarn? Are you obsessed now too? What else can we make furry? Comment below what color you added to your Fuzzy Wuzzy Baby Blankie or if you have any suggestions on new furry projects. I hope that I have inspired your next Fuzzy-Wuzzy crochet goal!

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