Playroom C2C Pillows (Letter A)

A quick and crocheted playroom makeover.

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We recently purchased a new couch for our living room, and the old one went into the girls’ playroom, but it just felt like there was a giant eye-sore taking over the room. It was time for a quick and crocheted playroom makeover!

I love the rainbow alphabet mat, it pulls all the random toy colors together while giving the girls a comfy- easy clean up space. We also use this mat as a learning toy itself, spreading all the letters randomly around the room, we call out letters and find their block. Can you tell my day job is a preschool teacher? Enough with my “play with a purpose” lecture, I know you want to get to crocheting these pillows for your own playroom!

Today, I am releasing the third letter in our set of four pillows, the letter A. Each week I will give you a new pillow design and by the end of the month you’ll have a bright and beautiful set for your couch too! Did you miss the first two letters P and L, catch that free pattern here and here.

The playroom pillow set all ready for stuffing!

This is a free pattern, but please do not share this pattern as your own. You may make items to sell with this pattern, but please link back to this post. Do not use my photos as your own sales photos. Please feel free to tag CoffeeandCrochetGoals to share your projects.

This pillowcase fits a 16in x 16in pillow insert.


Size 5.5mm (I) crochet hook
16inx16in Pillow insert

For this project I was able to use up some of my yarn stash, but if you need to buy more colors I used:

Purple (1 skein) Red Heart Yarn
Bright Yellow (1 skein) Red Heart Yarn
Red (1 skein) Red Heart Yarn
Carrot Orange (1 skein) Red Heart Yarn
Blue (1 skein) Red Heart Yarn
Spring Green (1 skein) Red Heart Yarn


DC – double crochet
SC – single crochet
CH – chain
SL ST – slip stitch


The graph below illustrates the color changes for the front of our third pillow, the letter A. The back will be made with the same number of boxes, 18×18, but in one solid color. I chose to make the back of my Letter A in yellow.


WARNING: this crochet technique is very addicting! You can make just about any design and it works up so quickly. Do not be scared off by this technique, it really only contains double crochets, chains and slip stitches. This project is small, with one solid block of C2C on the backside and only two colors on the front – this project is a perfect project for a beginner to attempt. Here is a video tutorial by Mikey from the Crochet Crowd that I recommend if you are just starting out. Once you figure out the concept you will be hooked.



I added a simple round in SC to make it easier to crochet these panels together, while also adding more color to these whimsical pillows.
To add a SC border on any C2C project, attach your yarn (in our case orange) and place 1SC in between tiles or blocks. You will place 2SC along the side of the tile and 1SC in between the tiles. Repeat all around the square. In the corner points make sure to place 1SC, CH2, 1SC. SL ST to the beginning and tie off yarn.
On the red piece I used Spring Green yarn to make my SC border. Repeat the instructions above and tie off the green yarn.

When I stitched these two pieces together, I wanted the stitch to show as well so I simply stacked the front of the pillow (with the A facing me in the correct direction) and SC on three sides. NOTE: I did attach my yarn in the stitch before the first corner, so that I could complete the points before inserting my pillow form. The image below is from the Letter P Pillow, although the colors are different the idea is the same.

Close up of stitching the two peices together to form our P C2C Pillow.

I also completed the fourth point before inserting the pillow form.


Now it’s time to shove in that pillow form and finish stitching it closed. This part is a little tricky, but go slow and keep matching up your stitches and it will work out perfect.


I hope you got hooked, because after you finished this A  corner to corner pillow we only have one more to make. Did you miss the Letter P or the letter L?  They look so good in our playroom and I know you’ll love them too! Tell me if you are joining in our CAL and did you decide to make them rainbow colors too? Happy hooking!

What a fun set of four playroom decor pillows.


One thought on “Playroom C2C Pillows (Letter A)

  1. I don’t see a graph for the A, can you please point me in the right direction? or send it to me? Thanks


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