World Map Corner to Corner Blanket

This free corner to corner World Map blanket is so majastic that is will become an heirloom peice in any home around the globe.

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Every home around the globe is going to have to make a spot on the couch for this corner to corner world map blanket.

This blanket has been on my list of Crochet Goals for years.  I have doodled it across many sheets of trusty graph paper, but had never picked up my hook and started it.  I seemed to be waiting for …. something.  Then one day, while wandering the asiles of my local Joann’s I found the yarn Green Tones from Red Heart.  Now I am not an ambassador for Red Heart yet, (hint-hint Red Heart Yarns) but I truly love their stuff and use it in 90% percent of my projects.  I am particularly swooning over this Green Tones skein lately and have used it also in my Christmas Tree Beanie.  These shades of greens makes such an impact while only using one strand of yarn, which makes this project work up so fast!

I would be failing you if I didn’t express fully how much I love this blanket.  We all know I’m a sucker for all C2C projects, but this corner to corner blanket is my favorite (as of this date) in the whole entire history of the world ever!  It was so fun to make I barely put it down, which is why I have zero progress photos to share with you.  From start to finish, I completed this blanket in less than a week, but with a classic map design it is sure to be cherished for generations!

UPDATE: Although I have not yet finished the XTRA LARGE size yet, I have gotten so much interest in a bigger size that I thought I would share it with you.  I will add the graph below the original version.  Good luck and keep sharing all your finished products!


This is a free pattern, but please do not share this pattern as your own.  You may make items to sell with this pattern.  In exchange, please link back to this post.  Do not use my photos as your own sales photos.  Please feel free to tag CoffeeandCrochetGoals to share your projects.

SIZE: 36in x 48in, a perfect lap size blanket.


A sneakpeak of the yarn and hook I used to create the corner to corner world map blanket

  • Size I (5.5mm) crochet hook.  I got my beautiful hook from Hobby Lobby and I am hooked, pun intended.
  • Light Periwinkle, Red Heart Super Savor Yarn (3 skeins)
  • Green Tones, Red Heart Super Savor Yarn (2 skeins)
  • White, Red Heart Super Savor Yarn (1 skein)


  • CH – chain
  • SL ST – slip stitch
  • SC – single crochet
  • DC – double crochet
  • Corner to corner

The World may seem flat from this view, but the free crochet pattern World Map is sure to make a statement in anyhome around the globe.


If you have already dabbled in corner to corner crochet you know you will only need the graph below to complete your World Map Blanket.  One day I will insert a link to a fabulous corner to corner (C2C) tutorial I have created just for you, but until then I would like to encourage you to check out Mikey from the Crochet Crowd’s episode of Corner to Corner.  I think he covers everything for beginners and anyone who needs a refresher.

I would like to note, that most c2c projects are started in the bottom right corner.  I choose to start my blanket in the top right corner.  I believe this made the color changes easier and less frequent, it also may be that I am left handed and I just like to do things backwards.  Any corner you choose to start in will result in a beautiful heirloom World Map blanket when you are finished.

The c2c World Map Graph makes this crochet blanket simple to recreate.

UPDATE: XTRA LARGE C2C World Map Blanket.  If you have any trouble printing this huge graph I took the above image and made each square four to get 4x as big of a blanket!  If I ever pick up that WIP again it’ll be amazing! I hope you all try it out and share your work by tagging @coffeeandcrochetgoals.



For this blanket I choose to add an extremely simple border.  I always like a border to really finish off any project, but I didn’t want to take away from the image.  You may choose to make a more elaborate border by adding multiple rounds of different stitches, (like a ruffle border similar to the one that finished off the #naps blanket).  If you do decide to add more rounds to the border, you will do so after completing the following:

Attach white yarn onto any side of the blanket and CH3, counts as first SC and CH2.  SK 1 tile and 1SC into the space between tiles.  CH2 and 1SC into the next space between tiles.  Continue all around the blanket, IN THE CORNERS make sure to place a SC into the point CH2 and 1SC into the same point.  This will give you a nice, clean corner.  SL ST to the beginning and tie in those loose ends.


How beautiful is this blanket!?  Although, it doesn’t take long to whip up, I am confident that it will become an instant heirloom.  Sure to be cherished by every home across the globe.  Comment below where you are from and lets see how far and wide this World Map Corner to Corner blanket can reach!

28 thoughts on “World Map Corner to Corner Blanket

    1. I love your world c to c rug pattern and would love to do it. I am still only a beginner so wondered if you have a written pattern for colour changes. Hoping you can help me . Many thanks


      1. Thank you, I love this one too! Maybe my favorite. I do not have a written color change pattern for this. I can recommend printing the available photo and counting out the boxes before starting. Good luck! With only two color changes this is a great pattern for beginners with a big impact!


  1. Pam from Missouri. I LOVE this!!! Don’t know when or for whom I will make it, but I REALLY want to do this! I love C2C and think this is a beautiful use of that method. Thank you so much for freely sharing your design.


  2. Hi! Love this. It’s my first C2C project. I’m going to try to make each continent a different color. I’ve seen instructions for chaining 6 and also for chaining 5 (for a smaller chain space). Which did you do? Thanks!


      1. Hello! This is my very first C2C blanket. I am making it for my niece who is having a baby and her theme for the room is travel. How do I know when to start decreasing? At what point on the blanket do you decrease? Thank you!


  3. Hello I would love to make this beautiful blanket. I’ve never crochet a c2c with just a chart but want to try. I do I know when to start decreasing


    1. I love this blanket! I think charts are easier, but other people love the written directions so I hope you like it. I think you were wondering when to decrease? When you reach a corner is when the decrease happens-this blanket is not a square so it will happen first on the shorter side, good luck!! I can’t wait to see you finished blanket!


  4. Ok great I did want to make a baby blanket. I know you said to start decreasing when I get to a corner but I’m not clear what that means. I’ve done c2c blankets before however not by using a graph just with a pattern.


  5. I’m glad I found your graph. I was asked to crochet a world map as a baby gift but do it preferably as a round or oval rug. (I previously did the quite large elephant rug for his brother’s baby) I’m hoping that my plan to do a world map rug works. I’m planning to add the rounded “frame” after doing the map itself. I will certainly let you know how it goes! It’ll be a good challenge!!


      1. I’m planning on doing it horizontal instead`of c2c. Would you recommend single or double crochet?


      2. Thanks for your reply. I ended up taking what I started out and began the c2c stitches. I’m on row 16 already. I like how it’s turning out this far but have a feeling it’s gonna be big. I’m using triple strand with a M hook. Stay tuned!


  6. Hi there, from Belgium. The World Map C2C is a very lovely design! Thank you so much for sharing this! It is in my queue for 2021 🙂


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