Anchor Baby Blanket

An easy and free C2C crochet nautical inspired baby blanket.

Beware: this post may contain pirates, plunders and puns.

Whale hello there!  I am so excited to share this spe-shell Anchor baby blanket with you.  This blanket was designed for a little mate and his nautical nursery.  As a mom of girls I am a sucker for anything boy: plaid, cars, construction, nautical – it all makes me swoon.  In my opinion there is nothing better than a classic style and the nautical theme built around navy, textured ropes and wood is perfection.  Then you add in a poop deck and sprinkled in a fun pop of yellow … hello sailor, I am sold!

An easy and free C2C crochet nautical inspired baby blanket.

This is a free pattern, but please do not share this pattern as your own.  You may make items to sell with this pattern, in exchange, please link back to this post.  Do not use my photos as your own sales photos.  Please feel free to tag CoffeeandCrochetGoals to share your completed projects.


The finished blanket is 32inx32in


  • Color 1: 2 Skeins, Jamie in I LOVE THIS YARN (B in word chart)
  • Color 2: 1 Skein, Yellow in I LOVE THIS YARN (Y in word chart)
  • Size I (5.25mm) crochet hook
  • Anchor Graph or word chart
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Scissors


  • SC – single crochet
  • DC – double crochet
  • SL ST – slip stitch
  • CH- Chain
  • C2C – corner to corner

An easy and free C2C crochet nautical inspired baby blanket.

Anchor Baby Blanket Graph

This graph is completed with 40×40 pixels or boxes created with the C2C crochet method.  If you haven’t tried the corner to corner method yet, then oh buoy are you in for a treat.  There are many helpful youtube tutorials out there on the high seas to help get you started, and one day I will brave the storm and upload my first video tutorial, but until then check out this great one at The Crochet Crowd, it covers everything you need to know.   You can start your project in any corner that makes sense to you, I personally started in the bottom left corner.Anchored Graph

WORD CHART for the Anchor Baby Blanket:

Even numbers are worked down and odd numbers are worked up, I also started the word chart in the bottom left corner of the graph.

  1. 1B
  2. 2B
  3. 3B
  4. 4B
  5. 5B
  6. 6B
  7. 7B
  8. 8B
  9. 9B
  10. 10B
  11. 11B
  12. 12B
  13. 13B
  14. 14B
  15. 10B, 1Y, 4B
  16. 4B, 2Y, 10B
  17. 11B, 2Y, 4B
  18. 4B, 3Y, 2B, 1Y, 8B
  19. 7B, 8Y, 4B
  20. 4B, 10Y, 6B
  21. 4B, 6Y, 1B, 6Y, 4B
  22. 4B, 6Y, 3B, 5Y, 4B
  23. 4B, 5Y, 3B, 7Y, 4B
  24. 4B, 8Y, 4B, 4Y, 4B
  25. 4B, 4Y, 17B
  26. 18B, 4Y, 4B
  27. 4B, 5Y, 18B
  28. 18B, 6Y, 4B
  29. 5B, 6Y, 18B
  30. 18B, 7Y, 5B
  31. 6B, 2Y, 1B, 4Y, 18B
  32. 18B, 4Y, 2B, 2Y, 6B
  33. 6B, 2Y, 3B, 4Y, 18B
  34. 11B, 1Y, 6B, 4Y, 3B, 2Y, 7B
  35. 7B, 2Y, 4B, 4Y, 5B, 2Y, 11B
  36. 11B, 3Y, 4B, 4Y, 5B, 2Y, 7B
  37. 8B, 1Y, 6B, 4Y, 3B, 3Y, 12B
  38. 13B, 3Y, 2B, 4Y, 6B, 2Y, 8B
  39. 8B, 2Y, 7B, 4Y, 1B, 3Y, 14B
  40. 15B, 7Y, 8B, 1Y, 9B
  41. 9B, 1Y, 1B, 1Y, 6B, 6Y, 15B
  42. 15B, 5Y, 7B, 3Y, 8B
  43. 8B, 3Y, 7B, 4Y, 15B
  44. 14B, 4Y, 8B, 3Y, 7B
  45. 5B, 5Y, 7B, 5Y, 3B, 1Y, 9B
  46. 8B, 10Y, 7B, 5Y, 4B
  47. 4B, 5Y, 6B, 10Y, 8B
  48. 8B, 6Y, 1B, 3Y, 6B, 4Y, 4B
  49. 4B, 4Y, 5B, 3Y, 2B, 6Y, 7B
  50. 6B, 3Y, 1B, 2Y, 3B, 3Y, 5B, 3Y, 4B
  51. 4B, 3Y, 4B, 3Y, 3B, 2Y, 2B, 3Y, 5B
  52. 5B, 3Y, 1B, 2Y, 4B, 2Y, 5B, 2Y, 4B
  53. 4B, 2Y, 5B, 1Y, 4B, 6Y, 5B
  54. 5B, 5Y, 11B, 1Y, 4B
  55. 4B, 1Y, 10B, 5Y, 5B
  56. 5B, 5B, 14B
  57. 14B, 1Y, 1B, 2Y, 5B
  58. 5B, 1Y, 16B
  59. 21B
  60. 20B
  61. 19B
  62. 18B
  63. 17B
  64. 16B
  65. 15B
  66. 14B
  67. 13B
  68. 12B
  69. 11B
  70. 10B
  71. 9B
  72. 8B
  73. 7B
  74. 6B
  75. 5B
  76. 4B
  77. 3B
  78. 2B
  79. 1B

An easy and free C2C crochet nautical inspired baby blanket.


ROUND 1:  Start with any corner and attach your yellow yarn in between the first two C2C pixels or boxes on your left, CH2 and 1SC into the point of the corner.  CH2 and 1SC into the same point.  CH2 and 1SC into the next space between pixels, Continue CH2 and 1SC into each gap all the way around the blanket.  In each corner 1SC into the point CH2 and 1 SC into the same point. SL ST into your beginning stitch.

ROUND 2: SL ST into the first CH2 space of one side and CH3.  2DC into the same CH2 space.  3DC in every CH2 around the blanket.  In each corner 3DC, CH2, and 3DC.  SL ST into the top of your first CH3.

ROUND 3: SL ST two times to start on the top of the first group of three DCs.  CH 1 and DC10 into the corner CH2 space. SK3 and 1SC into the gap between 3DCs.  SK3 and place 5DC into the next gap.  Continue all around the blanket with 5DC scallops along all sides and 10DC scallops in each corner.  SL ST to the beginning CH1.  Tie off yarn … maybe with a little naut?

An easy and free C2C crochet nautical inspired baby blanket.

If you are still deciding on a nursery theme for a little mate, I highly recommend following the pier pressure and creating a classic nautical design.  The Anchor Baby Blanket will be a perfect jumping off place.  It is time to wrap this post up, because I am o-fish-ally out of nautical puns. I hope you seas the day and smash some crochetgoals.

An easy and free C2C crochet nautical inspired baby blanket.

4 thoughts on “Anchor Baby Blanket

  1. I am having difficulty with pattern at the point of decrease which I am doing at beginning of each row my stitches match graph and word chart but pattern appears to be off I am going to try to email you


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