Flocking to the Beach — Flamingo Block —


I am tickled pink to share with you the second block in our corner-to-corner(c2c) “Flocking to the Beach” Afghan.  It is getting so nice where I live, that I am feeling the pressure to hurry up and piece this blanket together.  I am ready to cuddle up with the perfect lap blanket during those summer bonfires on the beach.

Hopefully you are crocheting along with us and have completed your Pineapple Block.  If you missed it last week, you can find it here:  Flocking to the Beach —Pineapple Block—  You may have noticed that I decided to start this block in a different corner.  The fun thing about the c2c method is that it does not matter which corner you start with, in fact choosing the “right corner” can make crocheting the block more enjoyable.  For the Flamingo block, I was focusing on the neck and wanted to do the head and body separately.  As for the pineapple, I wanted to start and end with solid colors.

I will be releasing a new “Flocking to the Beach” block every week, with pictures, graph, and word chart.  This fun flamingo was easy and quick to whip up (especially compared to the pineapple).  After all four blocks are completed I will sew them together and show you the fun surprise stitch I will be using for the border.  I hope you have as much fun as I did making this blanket.


This is a free pattern, but please do not share this pattern as your own.  You may make items to sell with this pattern, in exchange, please link back to this post.  Do not use my photos as your own sales photos.  Please feel free to tag CoffeeandCorchetGooals to share your completed projects.


The finished c2c graph is 15in x 15in and with the border ended at 17in x 17in.


  • Color 1: Bright Yellow, Red Heart Super Savor, 1 skein.
  • Color 2: Petal Pink, Red Heart Super Savor, 1 skein
  • Color 3: Pretty ‘n Pink, Red Heart Super Savor, 1 skein
  • Color 4: Black, Red Heart Super Savor, 1 Skein
  • Color 5: White, Red Heart Super Savor, 1 Skein
  • Size I (5.25mm) crochet hook
  • C2C Flamingo Graph or word chart
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors


  • SC – single crochet
  • DC – double crochet
  • SK- skip stitch
  • CH – chain
  • SL ST – slip stitch


  • Y = Bright Yellow Red Heart Yarn
  • LP = Petal Pink Red Heart Yarn
  • DP = Pretty ‘n Pink Red Heart Yarn
  • B = Black Red Heart Yarn



  1. 1Y
  2. 2Y
  3. 3Y
  4. 4Y
  5. 5Y
  6. 1Y, 1LP, 1DP, 3Y
  7. 2Y, 1B, 1DP, 2LP, 1Y
  8. 1Y, 1LP, 1B, 2DP, 1B, 2Y
  9. 5Y, 2LP, 2Y
  10. 2Y, 2L, 6Y
  11. 4Y, 4LP, 3Y
  12. 7Y, 1LP, 4Y
  13. 4Y, 1LP, 8Y
  14. 8Y, 2LP, 4Y
  15. 5Y, 1LP, 1Y, 2LP, 6Y
  16. 6Y, 5LP, 5Y
  17. 6Y, 5LP, 6Y
  18. 6Y, 2LP, 1DP, 2LP, 7Y
  19. 8Y, 1LP, 2DP, 1LP, 7Y
  20. 7Y, 1LP, 2DP, 2LP, 8Y                        ////start decrease in square////
  21. 5Y, 1DP, 1Y, 2LP, 2DP, 2LP, 6Y
  22. 6Y, 1LP, 2DP, 2LP, 1Y, 2DP, 4Y
  23. 3Y, 1DP, 1Y, 2DP, 2LP, 1DP, 2LP, 5Y
  24. 5Y, 1LP, 1DP, 1LP, 2Y, 1DP, 5Y
  25. 1Y, 1DP, 2Y, 3DP, 1Y, 3LP, 4Y
  26. 4Y, 2LP, 4Y, 1DP, 1Y, 1DP, 1Y
  27. 1Y, 2DP, 5Y, 2LP, 3Y
  28. 3Y, 1LP, 8Y
  29. 8Y, 1LP, 2Y
  30. 2Y, 1LP, 7Y
  31. 9Y
  32. 8Y
  33. 7Y
  34. 6Y
  35. 5Y
  36. 4Y
  37. 3Y
  38. 2Y
  39. 1Y



The first step after completing a block is to tie in all those loose ends.  Then we will add a solid border around each block.  With your hook attach the white yarn.

R!: SC around the entire square.  Each pixel or tile will have 3 SC (1 in the space between tiles and 2 in the tile itself).  This will give you a nice even border around your graph.  In the corner spaces 1 SC, CH3, 1SC.  SL ST to the first SC and CH 1.

R2: 1 SC into the same stitch. CH 1, SK 1 and 1 SC into the next stitch.  Continue all around the square in the 1 SC, CH 1, SK 1, 1 SC pattern.  In each corner 1 SC, CH 3, 1 SC.  SL ST into the starting SC.

R3: Repeat round 2.  Cut and tie off white yarn.


Stay tuned and follow us on Instagram to get a sneak peak of next week’s block.  Here is to smashing some CrochetGoals!

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